Be the Love: Be the solution.


As part of the We Want Peace movement; to spread the message of peace and love.


 “I believe to make our world better, each and every individual has to be the love and be the solution. The world is in a crisis, there seems to be more divides than ever. Some are crippled by poverty, others by depression, lack of purpose, worry and fear of failure. This process has put most people in a “survival state” as they try to figure out a way to obtain their peace of mind and in the process they end up hurting others and creating divides or conflict with people outside of their own identity and communities. We can’t point fingers at others to lead the change, the power is in our hands and the solution is within all of us. I believe each and every person has the power to illuminate themselves and the world, each and every person can be the love, be the light, be the peace, be the joy, be the source and be the solution.”   Emmanuel Jal

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The Thoughts:

Emmanuel Jal is a former child soldier from South Sudan, turned international peace activist, musician and social entrepreneur. He uses his story and music to create global conscious awakening through social emotional learning and the arts. Over the past few years Emmanuel has been an undertaking and increasing study of self-learning: exploring what it means to be peaceful and successful. He feels that the key to this is by finding a purpose, whether we are rich or poor, it is to step out and do something greater than ourselves. Being part of a community – making connections – taking risks – giving and receiving love without expectation. 


The Action:

Emmanuel and Xavier Rudd have joined forces to produce a captivating anthem that will be available for free download, worldwide. Emmanuel will be conducting an educational and leadership tour with schools and communities across the globe. Following on from his We Want Peace educational tours Emmanuel will also embark on a series of leadership workshops around the theme ‘My Life is Art’. He will be conducting this in the corporate arena, schools, universities, prisons, conflict areas and refugee camps engaging with leaders and teachers from all sectors of society – spreading the message of peace and love through the arts, education, meditation and physical practice.



Our call to action as you join our campaign is by simply asking you to take up a challenge by performing an act of kindness, or generosity without expecting any thing in return. 


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We are partnering with Social Media app - Be Human.


Be Human enables social media users to inspire each other through basic acts of consciousness. The simplest forms of just sharing a thought can help inspire change for a better community and world.


Through our campaign: song, programs, press and social media engagement we are looking at connecting with 100 million people across the world to spread peace and love.

School Tour:

Emmanuel now tours hundreds of schools, colleges, universities and communities worldwide, reaching out to young people from all backgrounds as part of his 'We Want Peace' educational tour and movement to spread the message of peace and love and highlight the issues close to his heart.

For the past 9 years Emmanuel has educated tens of thousands of students across the U.S, Canada, Europe, Mexico, East Africa, South Africa and the Caribbean. Emmanuel’s inspiring story of overcoming adversity as a child soldier in Southern Sudan and his ability to turn hatred and bitterness into a life of peace as a successful recording artist and entrepreneur has had particular resonance amongst young people who are studying what it means to become a global citizen in today’s world. Alongside his visits, We Want Peace provides a full education pack which maximizes on the learning opportunities around Emmanuel’s story which enables students and young people to understand more fully the complex issues around conflict, child soldiers, forced migration, refugees, asylum seekers, and how to engage in a more peaceful life, starting with education.

For more information on these tours and our resources 'Please click here' 

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